1. Solicitor client February 2016


Dave has been our investigator of choice since the start of my legal career. We have used him for a range of investigations from investigating single claimants to a widespread scam in involving the generation of a high volume of false public liability claims, which involved complying with RIPA and the use of Covert Human Intelligence Sources. Dave conducts his investigations diligently, resourcefully and ethically and has produced results which frequently exceed our hopes and expectations. He secures quality evidence which is appropriate for use in court and his professionalism comes across when called upon to present his work at trial.


Kind regards


Chris Smith



 2. Local Authority client. February 2016


David was engaged to work with our local authority following a recommendation regarding his work.My enquiries through my work resulted in a fraud ring being identified. The information had been presented to the local police who had declined to investigate the matter further on the intelligence available at the time.

It was thought that surveillance might assist in providing further intelligence to progress the matter with the police.  David was therefore tasked with guiding the authority through the process as this was the first time surveillance had been used in this manner within the authority.  Being a local authority, any such operations had to be compliant with the RIPA regulations.


David organised a full surveillance operation on the principles of the fraud ring, however due to them being surveillance aware, it was clear that this would not provide any further intelligence into the operation of the claims company.


A decision was then made to move to a CHIS (covert human intelligence surveillance) operation, this ‘operation’ took place over a number of weeks as it involved a huge amount of organisation and preparation by David to ensure the best chance of success.  Due to David’s thorough preparation and valuable knowledge the operation was successful and ultimately formed the basis of a criminal prosecution against the two principals.

Personally I have found David extremely knowledgeable in respect of all aspects of the surveillance operation, and additionally he has provided guidance and tactics as to how to manage different elements of the continued problems the Council has faced in relation to the same issue.  Since the successful CHIS operation, I have continued to request David’s assistance in managing potentially fraudulent claims which has included carrying out interviews with potential witnesses which has led to claims being discontinued and thus considerable savings to be achieved by the local authority.  I have learnt a lot from David. He has exhibited not only expertise in terms of knowledge, but has proved to be thorough and prepared to go the extra mile.


I would not hesitate to fully recommend him, as without his assistance I am sure we would not have had the success that we have had in relation to the potential insurance frauds the authority has faced.


Principal Claims Handler